How to Apply

How to Apply

1)All applications must be made online through TOKYO AUTO SALON official website.

Regardless of Space types, we no longer accept any application made by sending application form (hardcopy).

  • ※Please read the regulations and guidelines shown on the website before you apply.
  • ※If you wish to be registered as a single business entity but to participate in the show under two or more brandings, you are required to apply for each and every one of them.
  • ※Upon completion of your application, an automatic reply will be sent to you shortly to notify that your application has been received. Please keep the e-mail.
  • ※Your e-mail address to be registered must be anything other than webmail (free mail) or mobile career dependent mail.
Please fill in each item as described below.
Name of the Applicant This must be the official corporate name (juridical person duly registered).
Name of the Exhibitor This must be the name to be officially registered as a TAS Exhibitor. It will be shown on official printed materials of TAS, the floor plan, information boards on the premises and the official website.
Person Responsible for Participation This must be the name of the person responsible for your participation. A staff member belonging to the applicant company only. “Acceptance Letter” will be addressed to this person.
Billing Address This must be where the participation fee, an additional purchase of Exhibitor pass/complimentary ticket, or whatever cost money will be billed to.
Point of Contact with TASA This must be a liaison officer with TASA hence an exlusive point of contact for all enquiries made by TASA.
Delivery Address This is where all the show-related materials, such as Exhibitor’s Guidelines, passes, complimentary tickets and posters, are sent to.
[Recommended Browsers]
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 or later;
Mozilla Firefox 10 or later;
Google Chrome latest version; or
Safari 5.0 or later
※ Older browsers, incompatible browsers or any browser that does not support JavaScript, cookie, SSL and style sheet may not work properly

Your application is officially accepted upon issuance of an “Acceptance Letter”.

  • Application will NOT be confirmed on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • All applications made within a fixed application period will be fairly considered by TASA. Your application is officially confirmed and legally binding for you upon issuance of an Acceptance Letter.

Registration Timeline
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Registration Timeline

Registration is open between Monday 22 July at 10:00 and Wednesday 31 July 2019 at 17:00.
We DO NOT accept any application made after the deadline.


Please pay your participation fee by bank transfer to any of the following account no later than Friday 15 November 2019.



Name of the Bank (Bank Code) Branch SWIFT Code Account Type Account No.
Resona Bank, Ltd. (0010) Shintoshin Branch DIWAJPJT deposit account 675-3035135
Mizuho Bank, Ltd. (0001) Takatanobaba Branch MHCBJPJT deposit account 064-1677741
Hokuriku Bank (0144) Shinjuku Branch RIKBJPJT deposit account 607-4152310

Cancellation Fee

For whatever reason, any cancellation made after the predetermined dates below are subject to a cancelletion fee.

  • [After 1 September 2019] 50 percent of the participation fee
  • [After 1 October 2019] 100 percent of the participation fee


  • ●In any of the cases in each of the items below, TASA may revoke the acceptance of your application; or refuse your participation even after the receipt of your payment:
    • 1. If you fail to pay the participation fee by the due date;
    • 2. If TASA deems your line of business or your showpiece goes against the show’s policy; and/or
    • 3. If your participation is deemed inappropriate by TASA for whatever reason.
  • ●Any cancellation made after the predetermined date or late payment may result in your application for TAS being denied in the next show onwards.

Application Form for Exhibition

We hereby apply for exhibition at TOKYO AUTO SALON 2020, in accordance with the following application form.
In entering the exhibition, we promise to adhere to the rules set out in the Information for Exhibitors and exhibitors’ guidelines, and all instructions from TASA. In the event that we violate such rules or instructions, we will comply with any orders to cancel or suspend our exhibition.

Only those who can agree to the provisions of the above, please apply exhibitors.

agree disagree